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War Machine Pulley Training System for core training and body weight training.

iron grip urethane dumbbells

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Free Weight Equipment

Dumbbell free weights

Using free weight is an excellent option when selecting exercise equipment. When used correctly free weights will help you lose weight, tone-up, add muscle, muscle definition and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Free Weight Equipment includes, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, benches, bumper plates, olympic plates and toning bars. Choose from Power Strength, BodyCraft, ironcompany.com®, Marcy and CAP Barbell top brands.

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Body Solid Plate Loaded Leverage Equipment

Body Solid Plate Loaded Leverage bench press

Plate-loaded equipment allows you to add more weight plates easily, which is the key to progressive lifting. Imagine a 500-lb squat with no spotter required and yet be completely safe to lift alone. You load plates onto the lever arm just as you would with a barbell, only the arm is attached to the machine. You will never risk dropping the weighted bar on your chest or crushing your neck during a bench press as you would with an unstable barbell. The balancing problem is eliminated and you can do almost an unlimited variety in exercises.

Check out the new line of Body Solid Leverage Equipment such as the Body Solid Leverage Bench Press, Body Solid Leverage Incline Bench Press, Body Solid Leverage Lat Pull, Body Solid Leverage Leg Curl, Body Solid Leverage Leg Extension, Body Solid Leverage Leg Press, Body Solid Leverage Seated Row and the Body Solid Leverage Shoulder Press.

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Barbell Collars

Pressure Ring Collar
In 1985, Ivanko decided that none of the existing collar technologies were "good enough". So, a number of engineers worldwide were invited to design "the perfect collar", one which would be 5 to 10 times stronger than the lever bolt method, not mark the bar, occupy a minimum of space, be aesthetically pleasing, be patentable, and most importantly, be inexpensive to produce. The result is Ivanko's patented pressure ring collar. Its 3/4" spring band locks onto the entire circumference of the sleeve, without leaving any surface marks.

Spring Collars
Spring-loaded collars are one of the most convenient and inexpensive way to secure weight plates on a bar. All you do is load your plates on the bar, squeeze the handgrips, slide them onto the bar end and release them into locked position. Spring loaded collars are also just as easy to remove. You just squeeze the handles together and slide the collar off to remove or change your plates.

Lock Jaw PRO Barbell Collar

Lock-Jaw Collar
The Lock-Jaw Olympic barbell collar features a solid nylon resin frame and injection molded pressure pads, making it nearly unbreakable. The single-action cam lock securely clamps the collar once positioned on the bar. Lock-Jaw collars will withstand the toughest workout environments. Innovative design, superior durability, and exceptional performance make the Lock-Jaw collar an excellent choice for any Olympic style bar.

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Gym Mirrors

Ivanko glassless mirrors

Mirrors in your gym are not a luxury any more but a necessity. Gym Mirrors are your best allies for keeping good form during your training sessions. Working out in front of a mirror will give you an honest look at where you stand training wise, and where you should be heading to be successful. Seeing your body changing as workouts go by, literally felling and seeing the pump while working out is the best motivation you can ever find.

Ivanko glassless mirrors are made from metallized plastic film. Ivanko glassless mirrors give a brighter, sharper reflection than plate glass, with no ghost images. Ivanko's popular 4' X 6' vertical mirror weighs roughly twelve pounds! Best of all, Ivanko's mirrors won't shatter, making them much safer than glass.

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