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War Machine Pulley Training System for core training and body weight training.

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Selectorized Equipment

Lat Pull-Down Selectorized Equipment

Selectorized Exercise Equipment is a fancy name for exercise equipment that utilizes a weight stack. Weight stack machines allow you to select any weight amount you want to lift by sticking a pin in the stack at the appropriate weight level. What could be easier?

Because of its compact nature and ease of use Selectorized Exercise Equipment is used in most commercial fitness centers. Selectorized Fitness Equipment is simple to use, non-intimidating and easy to adjust for users of all different heights and body shapes. Some common Selectorized Exercise Equipment choices are lat pull-downs, ab crunch machines, bicep curl machines, chest presses and leg curl machines. Manufacturers of Selectorized Equipment include: Legend Fitness, Bomb Proof®, American Built™, BodyCraft, Body-Solid, Yukon Fitness, Impex, York and Inflight.

Product Spotlight

Selectorized Fitness Equipment

Legend Fitness Multi-Press Selectorized Machine is perhaps the best upper body machine available. This selectorized machine features the ability to perform a flat bench press, two incline press movements and a military press. The press arm features five starting positions and two sets of handles for maximum workout capabilities. Explore the possibilities with this selectorized fitness machine and see the results right before your eyes.

The Bomb Proof® Combo Leg Extension/Leg Curl Selectorized Machine is a great way to isolate and really work your hamstrings, quads and glutes. It has a ton of premium features like a 200 lb. weight stack along with super-tough carbon steel tubing and ultra-comfortable padding.

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